About Catch the Best

Here's the skinny

Hi, I’m Ben Curtis, the creator of Catch the Best. I built Catch the Best to solve a need that I had when I was the manager of a software development team for a small business. One of my responsibilities was hiring developers and designers, both employees and contractors. Not being an HR professional, I did my best at figuring out how to efficiently hire great people without spending all my time doing it. As I went through the process, I was annoyed with the problems of having my inbox buried with resumes every time I posted an ad on Craigslist. Plus, I ended up having a hard time sharing those resumes with other people in the company so they could give their feedback on the candidates. Forwarding emails or even handing out printed resumes and trying to gather everyone’s opinions on which candidates seemed most promising became quite a hassle.

To solve these problems, I wrote a web application that provides CRM-like functionalities for keeping of track of job applicants and an environment for teams to collaborate during the hiring process. Instead of resumes going to someone’s inbox, resumes can be sent either via email or by submitting a web form to a your Catch the Best database. Once there, everyone in your company can review those resumes, add comments about the applicants, track email communications with the applicants, and even give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down vote to each candidate.

Catch the Best also provides accurate source tracking for submitted resumes. This allows you to track which job boards are most cost-effective in finding good hires. You can also use the source tracking for A/B job ad testing, to find which ads generate the best leads.

As you build up your own databases of job applicants, you can use the follow-up tools in Catch the Best to speed future candidate searches by going back to warm, qualified leads, rather than starting from scratch with each round of hiring.

I hope you enjoy using Catch the Best as much as I have enjoyed building it and using it myself. If you’d like to learn more about Catch the Best, please take the tour or contact me for more information.